Customer switched to 1-gigabit synchronous (up and down) fiber Internet service and wanted entire LAN (local area network) upgraded to match.

This particular customer worked at home and had about 37 devices on the LAN, including five networked printers (some wireless), multiple audio and video streaming devices, two NAS’s (network attached storage with RAID drives), web server, ftp server, streaming audio server, and professional webcasting equipment. Customer has three multi-computer, multi-monitor work stations in the three-level house all connected into the LAN that are required to communicate with each other.

To upgrade the LAN, we:

— replaced all switches and routers to match the 1-gigabit Internet connection
— replaced about 1200 feet of ethernet cable to match the 1-gigabit Internet connection
— configured multiple routers for port forwarding (for the various servers)
— configured routers and access points for effective wifi coverage
— configured DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) in routers to prevent the multitude of devices from having IP (Internet Protocol) number conflicts