NetworkFixes was conceived as a way to provide local support to a segment of computer users who often need help but don’t know where to turn: small businesses, seniors, and home users.

After spending nearly 15 years as an IT manager (almost all done remotely) for a national trade organization in Times Square, New York City, I decided it would be nice to work with local people. Because networking is an interest of mine and apparently a focus — given about 60 things connected at home — I thought NetworkFixes would be an appropriate name.

Because I began using wireless Internet BEFORE there was WiFi. I’ve seen a lot of changes and also have a lot of experience with cable and wireless connections.

Nearly every problem is unique and requires thinking and problem solving on the feet.

Give me a call. I’m happy to discuss your problem without charge.

I live in North Seattle.

— Bruce Miller, 206 347 7600