Customer needed regular, automatic Internet speed tests to help document poor speeds from T-Mobile’s Business Internet service.


A Windows batch file script was developed to automate the process. The batch file is called through the Windows Task Scheduler. The script invokes a command line program that does the speed test and writes the results to a CSV (comma separated values) file. These results do not include a date and time stamp. An additional process was developed to add the date and time stamp to the beginning of the CSV file. The results written to the CSV file included upload and download speeds that are not human readable. A Windows Powershell script was developed to convert those numbers to human-readable numbers. The final line of CSV results (with time stamp and converted numbers) is appended to a CSV file that can be imported into spreadsheets or databases.

The automation also required and upgrade to Windows 10 Pro and changes to the Local Security Policies.

The entire sequence of scripts is executed by one batch file invoked by Windows Task Scheduler.