Seattle resident wanted to implement static IP numbers from CenturyLink to segment computers and devices in the house into several different LANs (Local Area Networks), with each LAN having its own unique WAN (Wide Area Network) static IP number.


Resident could not get static IP numbers to work in the CenturyLink modem. Substantial research and testing suggested the problem was a programming problem in the CenturyLink system. After nearly 40 phone calls to CenturyLink support and 27 hours of time, the final three hours on the phone with CenturyLink support confirmed the problem was a programming error in CenturyLink’s system. The problem was an inappropriately programmed VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) setting in the CenturyLink system. The VLAN was reprogrammed by a CenturyLink engineer allowing the static IP numbers to begin to work. After that, separate routers for each of static IP numbers were configured and relevant devices connected to each router.