The explosion of devices that can connect to the Internet has created a new phrase: Internet of Things, or IoT.

IoT can include smart speakers like Alexa, wifi thermostats, smart plugs like Kasa Smart plugs, light bulbs, even refrigerators.

Most of these devices should be on their own network, or at the minimum on their own wifi network, separate from your computers. Isolating the IoT devices on their own network prevents IoT devices from affecting computers and vice versa.

Even the FBI advocates IoT isolation.

To do this you will need a router with wifi or a wifi access point capable of at least two features:

1.  Multiple SSIDS. The SSID is the network name that shows up in your list of available wifi signals.

2. The ability to configure via software in the router or access point a setting that isolates the IoT SSID to be isolated from the local area network (LAN).

Converting a bunch of IoT devices over to a new wifi network can be a pain and time consuming. But, doing so should give you a greater sense of security.