VoIP Phone Service

VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol. Likely you are already paying for Internet. Why not lower your phone bill — sometimes drastically — by riding on what you are already paying for?

Get help with:

  • Setting up VoIP service, including IVR (menu) configuration
  • Ringing multiple phones in different locations on the same number
  • Implementing a free Google voice phone number on Obitalk devices (for free phone service)
  • Obtaining and using inexpensive phone numbers for tracking advertising response

Slash Your Phone Bill

I’ve been helping individuals and organizations reduce their land line phone bills drastically.

A few example projects:

  • Attorney has two locations. Needed two numbers to ring in both places at the same time, so he could answer from either location. Got him set up.
  • Myself: Same deal as the attorney above.
  • In 2016 I set up a phone system for a non-profit FM radio station. In 2024 the station is still using the same system and menu system (still with my voice!) in 2024. It was the right choice for longevity.
  • A church was paying about $90 per month for phone service. I knocked that down to about $5.00 per month.
  • An business focusing on SEO needed a phone number. Set that business up.
  • A business focusing on SEO needed a phone number. Set that business up in short order and they are still using the same number and system years later.
  • A business needed a US phone number for one or more virtual assistants in the Philippines. I provided insight how now to proceed for little money.
  • A national trade association needed to retain a number during a transition and drop the costs at the same time. I managed the transfer and set up the system.

Cell Service

When it comes to cell phones, there are some really cheap, but reliable options. The cheapest service (of many) that I have costs about $80/year (including taxes and fees). This service is on the AT&T network, which provides good coverage.

Slash Your Phone Bill

Check out my e-guide on how to Slash Your Phone Bill.