Queen Anne talent agency was suffering from slow upload speeds from Comcast. The agency had 25/5 (down/up) speed. Not great at all. The agency thought an upgrade to a faster package of 300/25 would be a good deal (with a three contract!). No so.


The agency is increasingly dependent on internet to conduct business. The agency must upload audio and video files on deadlines. Currently, the agency has no backup internet in case Comcast goes down.

An analysis showed several things.

An increase to 300Mbps download would be 12 times the current speed. The upload speed only increases by a factor of 5.

The increase to 300Mbps would be a waste of money unless the agency wants to upgrade its LAN (local area network). Some items in the LAN are still running on 10/100Mbps gear. This means the maximum speed for the devices is 100Mbps.

What the agency really needs is a) increased upload speed and b) backup internet.

By reducing the Comcast bill to a minimum charge (for internet plus phone service) and adding CenturyLink business class fiber the agency would be paying about the same as the Comcast-only package of 300/25. So, by reducing the Comcast package to as little as possible, the agency would gain faster upload speed (using CenturyLink as primary internet) and gain a backup internet connection (using Comcast).