Seattle Virtuoso luxury travel agent who also travels overseas frequently needed more reliable access to her various travel services while traveling. In August 2022 the agent would be on a 24-night cruise on the Seabourn Quest cruise ship and wanted to insure she had access to her travel services through the ship’s Internet package. Connections from ships, like overseas, were often blocked because of foreign connections. Commercial VPN connections did not always work, because many services are now blocking commercial VPN connections.


The problem was solved by setting up a 1) VPN server at home and 2) corresponding VPN client on her travel laptop computer. Because the ship’s Internet speed would likely be slow with lag, an advanced VPN protocol was chosen known for faster speeds. The results are good:

August 4, 2022: I went to sign in to Sabre this morning at my hotel in London and it wouldn’t connect me. Message was something like “check internet”. I connected with the server and Sabre is working! YAY! What a lifesaver. Thank YOU!

August 11, 2022: I’m on the ship right off the Scottish Isle of Lewis and the VPN is working on the Seabourn Quest. YAY! I’m so happy you’ve set me up . . . . We’re off to Iceland tonight and we’ll be there in a couple of days.